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I was always sceptic about herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction, but cappra is a game changer. I don’t know how you do it, but it’s realy working. Got a little headache but its powerfull effect beat it by far. Best regards from your very happy customer


After trying cappra I say goodbye to viagra. No side effects like with viagra and I enjoyed sex much more then ever before. Order and delivery was smooth and quick. Thank you for great job!


I was not sure what to expect. When order came I was impressed by its luxury packaging. And then even more by its power effect which actualy lasted untill next day. No side effects whatsoever. Just a big power…

Augusto Caleri

I was surprised I got the order so quickly, just took 4 days to Iceland. Did not expect it so fast from Thailand. Cappra is so cool, I could not believe it. Its deffinitely most powerful product of this kind I have ever tried. I am ordering 3 packs in the next week again 😀 Cheers!!!

Robert Helgason

This one really works folks! No headaches or flushing, and you’re ready to go in less than an hour. Erections are rock hard and effect lasts for days. Have not refilled my Cialis prescription again as the results I get from this pill are far superior.

D’Arcy Giguère

I don’t normally endorse products. But I have to say this product works very well! It gives you that extra lift and lasts pretty long too. If you’ve been disappointed by other products that don’t live up to their claims then I suggest you give this one a shot.


I got a full nose for about half an hour, but that was the only side effect I had. But it gave me outstanding performance! I love you Cappra Online!!!

Andy Sampino

Cappra is the best herbal product I have tried, no bad feelings or discomfort, it does exactly what it says, I would recomend it to everybody, order came in 8 days.

Peter Zimmer

Realy cool. Cappra has exceeded my expectations. My tool is finaly working again as never before 😀


Hey guys, just let you know capra is real deal. You will never regret if you buy it. Rgds Boris


Great website, great customer service, great product! Thank you, will come back


Cappra is great! thanks a lot!

Frane Peko

I usually only have to take one and I’m good to go for up to a day later. I used to take other brands and loved it, been searching for something else that actually works for me and found this. Everyone is different, so that’s why I say I was looking for what works for me. It’s kinda expensive, but worth it to me.. allows me to “go” multiple times a night if I want!


This product did just what the description said it would do for me. I needed something to make me a little more erect in the bedroom. I have no problem with my libido or desire, I don’t have a problem with getting an erection and I don’t have a problem with lasting or stamina. What I d have a problem with is the strength of my erection. I am about 90% when fully erect, and that just comes with age, as I am not 18 years old anymore. So I needed a little help (or boost) to get me at 100%.

Tom H.

My marriage is good but as the years passed the bedroom department fell behind. Initially I used to enjoy sex but it was never really mind-blowing. Ever since I started using CAPPRA I can’t believe I didn’t know how good sex can feel.


This product works perfectly !! Zero side effects. Stayed hard all night long, had sex all night long. Woke up in the morning still hard.. Rock hard! Wife loved it and kept goin all morning..


Wow this pills got power these pills will get you hard as I wake up every morning…
It gives me a lot more energy and my wife is more happy now
thanks Cappra

Andrew N.

Last week I received my order and try cappra with my wife and the result is so fantastic!!! Thank you!!!!