Affiliate program terms and conditions

By the registration in affiliate program on the website of on-line store or by placing of an affiliate link to website the Affiliate partner agrees with the following terms & conditions of cooperation between Operator of affiliate program and Affiliate partner:

I. General terms of Affiliate program

With completing the registration form and by the agreement to the terms and conditions of the Affiliate program, the registering user (hereinafter referred to as “Affiliate”) agrees to the terms of the affiliate commission system in its entirety and herewith concludes a cooperation agreement with the operator, which is, 15 Thanon Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Bangkok, 10400, Thailand. (hereinafter referred to as „Operator“).

II. The rights and obligations of the parties

a) Registration is free of charge. Operator reserves the right to refuse the registration without giving any further reason.

b) Affiliate is obliged to provide his true and correct address and identification data at the registration. Affiliate declares that he is at least 18 years old and of full legal capacity. The operator is in accordance with relevant legislation on the protection of personal data entitled to use the personal data which Affiliate provides at the registration to Affiliate program, for the purposes of the proper performance of his activities, throughout its duration and the operator is not entitled to disclose such data to the third parties. Operator sends any necessary notifications either to the e-mail or address of Affiliate specified within the registration.

c) Affiliate agrees to operate the website on which the advertisements or links will be placed for products and electronic books from an online store in accordance with applicable law and the relevant societal standards. Affiliate declares that he is the person who is authorized to operate such website on which the advertisements or links for products from an online store is placed and has all the necessary permissions or licenses relating to the content and format of this website. Affiliate is solely responsible for the content and links on his website.

d) Affiliate receives a commission from the Operator for each paid order for products and electronic books made via the ad link under Article III.

e) Provided promotional graphics is protected by copyright and may only be used in unmodified form, and only to promote products and electronic books from an online store

f) Affiliate is obliged to tax commissions from Affiliate program according to the Law on Income Tax of his country.

g) Operator reserves the right to monitor the content and placement of banners and links on Affiliate sites and end the participation of Affiliate in the Affiliate program in the event of breach of any article of this agreement thereof. Operator further reserves the right to confiscate all of the commissions of Affiliate generated from the Affiliate program if he discovers banner or links placement on the webpages whose content is contrary to applicable laws such as: pornography, especially by children under 15 years of association with violence or involving animals. Defame, promotion of violence, hatred, racism, xenophobia, international conflicts, copyright Infringement / or intellectual property or such content as e.g. viruses, “Trojan horses”, data containing viruses or any other destructive parts of the code. Partner is obliged not to take any actions that would harm the reputation of the Operator.

h) If the operator becomes aware of the infringement of Affiliate, the Affiliate allows the operator to provide all of his personal data to the competent investigating authorities.

III. Promotional links and commissions

a) Referring advertising means hyperlink pointing out of Affiliate website to the website of the Operator, online store or its subpages. The content of the referrals can be text, image (banner) or both. To identify Affiliate correctly, the destination URL must be correct and must include correct parameter identifier of Affiliate. Affiliate obtains the correct identifier after registration in the Affiliate program. The identifier must be part of any ad link or banner. The same identifier can be used by Affiliate on multiple websites.

b) For the placement of the ad link, the Affiliate is allowed to use his own websites, or he may insert the advertising link also to a third party websites, such as chats, forums, blogs, comments on articles, etc., if it does not conflict with the terms of such websites.

c) If the user of the Affiliate’s website (with each unique IP address) clicks on an advertising link as described in Article III., goes to the website of the Operator – online store and orders and pays for any of the products on the website of Operator, Affiliate is entitled to commission on every such order in amount of 10% of the price of products (excluding applicable taxes), and for all purchases made by this visitor within 120 days or for lifetime purchases made by this visitor as a registered customer.

d) The order placed on the basis of the advertising link is any order placed within 120 days of clicking on a link or any order placed by the registered customer referred by the Affiliate. Affiliate is entitled to a commission only if and after the order is paid in full.

The commission is calculated on the total price of the order without taxes and without shipping. For unpaid or canceled orders the commissions can not be paid.

e) Recognizing of orders as orders placed through advertising link of particular Affiliate is done through cookies. Since it is not technically possible to recognize the order made by a computer with erased or disabled cookies, in such case the right to commission can not be granted.

f) Commissions will be paid automatically each month, after reaching the minimum threshold of 50 USD.

g) In the event of termination of cooperation from Affiliate’s side, Affiliate is entitled to payment of the accumulated and unpaid commissions, within 30 days of termination of cooperation.

h) In the commission of Affiliate are also included any costs associated with his activities under this cooperation.

IV. Duration, termination of cooperation

a) Affiliate program shall be established for an indefinite period. Cooperation may be terminated by both sides, either Affiliate or Operator, by the notice of termination of cooperation delivered by registered letter or by e-mail.

b) The Operator is entitled to withdraw from the agreement immediately if the Affiliate breaches any of the obligations set out in this Agreement.

c) In case of violation of these rules by Affiliate, the Operator may refuse to pay commissions to Affiliate and the Affiliate may be excluded from the Affiliate program.

V. Final provisions

a) Operator reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of cooperation of the Affiliate program at any time without giving any reason to change. The change takes effect by the announcement on the Operator’s website. The operator will inform Affiliate about the changes by e-mail sent within 10 working days thereafter. The right to commissions generated before the change could not be affected.

b) The Affiliate agrees to these terms and conditions by participating in the Affiliate program.

c) Operator is not responsible for any damages caused by failures, errors or omissions of on-line system and internet networks. Operator is not responsible for any damages caused by the actions or inaction of third parties.

d) Contracting party that violates its obligation arising from these Terms and Conditions or cooperation of generally binding legal regulations, is obliged to pay damages to the other side, unless it proves that the infringement was caused by circumstances excluding liability. A claim for damages does not affect the payment of any contractual penalties under this contract.