About Cappra

Cutting-edge innovation from nature

Premium product from natural extracts with quality certification from GMP Asian, approved by FDA for its safety, and results guaranteed by the country’s leading research institutions.

Confidence in safety and free from synthetic chemicals, consisting of 12 high quality ingredients that are widely accepted for their benefits in nourishing and creating balance the product is suitable for hardworking men who are under a lot of stress. It restores and revitalizes health by increasing hormones in the body.

Natural charm

CAPPRA is in the form of black capsule with the properties in empowering the sexual potency for men. It can adjust the balance and improve the quality of male’s reproductive system with 100% of natural ingredients. There is no chemical residue like other general chemical medicine.

Turning you to become a charming playboy overnight with CAPPRA capsule; mysterious weapon for men. Your sexual power can be increased so that you can prolong every game of love. It will be better and the amazing happiness will infinitely be with you. Your special one will gain the charming and unforgettable experience with you.

Main ingredients

Cervusnippon Temminck, Epimedium Brevicornum Maxim, Cynomorium Songaricum Rupr, Cistanche Deserticola Y.C.Ma – these are the powerfull herbs which fulfill your need within 30 minutes.

cappra ingredients

With the idea in naturally adjusting the balance and focusing more on care than the treatment, CAPPRA’s ingredients emphasizing on increasing the benefits, adjusting the balance of weakness. CAPPRA can improve male’s reproductive system thoroughly by:

  • Adjusting the balance of kidney which is the central unit of urologic system
  • Increasing the efficiency of muscles and prolonging each game of love with more endurance
  • Increase blood circulation to the penis (sexual organ) so it can be fully erect within 30-40 minutes (after the capsule is taken into the empty stomach).

100% naturally extracted without residue and minimal side effect with 12 of major natural ingredients such as:

  • Cervusnippon Temmick – empowering and recovering the kidney system to return to the balanced condition
  • Epimedium Brevicornum Maxim – being considered as Sexual Enhancer with similar properties as Viagra, to reach better and harder erection with longer duration
  • Cynomorium Songaricum Ruprstrengthen the system of muscles and bones particularly and most directly
  • Cistanche Deserticola Y.C.Ma – enhance the blood circulation

Safety and quality

3 important standards and safety assurance from CAPPRA:

  • Every CAPPRA capsule has been certified by Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Manufacturing certified with the manufacturing standard of GMP Asean as one of only 6 certified factories in Thailand
  • Properties and efficiency tested and endorsed in the clinical study by most prestigious university of Thailand


  • Cappra should not be taken if you are treated with nitrate drugs and vasodilators, if you are kidney dialysis patient, and if you suffer from severe diabetes.
  • Some people may experience some blushing and nasal congestion. These symptoms will disappear within 1-2 hours.